The Nine Schools Furniture Collection

Craftsmen fashion the Nine Schools products exquisitely with the utmost respect for traditional Chinese and Oriental design and techniques. Each piece is hand sprayed with paint and lacquer and then hand decorated.

Chinese tradition has used symbols and patterns to help inspire lives. They can signify and express the hopes, wishes and emotions of such things as happiness, wealth, fertility and strength.

  • The Butterfly – signifies young love and sociability – flitting from flower to flower.
  • The Dragon – a symbol of power, strength and good luck.
  • The Goldfish – helps bring wealth and energy and abundance into life.
  • The Phoenix – a symbol of high virtue and grace.
  • The Chrysanthemum – signifies a life of ease and good luck in the home.

The Nine School's designers and craftsmen produce furniture that stands out and reflects the essence of the tenets and the rich history of Chinese furniture design. They use the simplicity of lines, traditional storytelling patterns, and rich finishes and adornments that result in attractive and individual pieces.

For the discerning collector or style-conscious homeowner, the Nine School's beautiful pieces somehow connect with people and integrate with their lives and living spaces.

They also take inspiration from the teachings of Feng Shui – one of the five arts of Chinese Metaphysics looking at harmonising human existence with the surrounding environment. Historically Feng Shui is used to orient buildings, something that you might be interested in when positioning one of the pieces, especially if adorned with a certain image such as the goldfish.

Whether you follow The Nine Schools philosophy or not, or are interested in Feng Shui or not, Chinese influenced furniture makes a statement. It tells a story.

Warranty   5 Years Warranty on all items in this collection.